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Multifunctional universal Steering wheel remote control adapter CIR-309U / CIR-310U


контроллер кнопок руля cir-309u                         

       Steering wheel interface CIR-309U is the interface between the resistive matrix of car wheel buttons and commands to be performed by an external device under their control. In addition, the device has a digital input data, due to which commands can be transferred from any other compatible device, for example, the controller CAN bus.
•    Suitable for resistive matrix of any type;
•    Auto-tuning of the input circuits  in accordance with type of resistive matrix;
•    Two independent inputs for connecting left and right groups of buttons;
•    Input of digital control makes controller usage universal;
•    Memory (with remote), with subsequent presentation, up to 32 commands;
•    8 independent outputs, 2 of which provide additional functions;
•    Integrated current source provides a connection of diode emitters without need of  additional resistors installation;
•    Possibility of programming commands of resistive control panels such as joystick for such brands as Sony and Pioneer;
•    Convenient parameter setting by computer;
•    Programming the carrier frequency for each of the infrared outputs. This provides maximum signal / noise ratio, that ensures maximum quality of multimedia device control;
•    Ability to memorize the entire configuration and infrared codes separately, in any medium, for example, in hard disk;
•    Absolute inertness to erroneous wiring of the voltage or power to any of the inputs;
•    Low power consumption;
•    Small size 64 x 49 x18mm. (2.48 x 1.89 x 0.69inches).
Using the CIR-309U “multihelm” can be arranged, i.e. using the buttons on the helm you are able to control radio, DVD, TV, amplifier, speaker unit, siren etc.


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